As is happening around the world, Roadshow's Troy had no trouble claiming the crownof top film at the box office on the weekend. It grossed NZ$987,503 from 73screens, pushing UIP's Van Helsingdown to second place with a gross of NZ$358,049 from 66 screens, a fall ofabout 45%. Troy's screen average ofNZ$13,527 was well over half of each of the other films in the chart.

Third and fourth in the chart are the comedies Starsky & Hutch and 50 First Dates, which climbed over Kill Bill: Volume 2 to get there despitebeing on release for two weeks longer. Also hardly losing any traction were thechildren's films The Cat In The Hatand Scooby-Doo 2.

Besides Troy,there were two new faces in the chart but at the other end of the spectrum.UIP's Man On The Train claimed the15th spot, taking NZ$13,064 from only three screens, and Hoyts' Wonderland appeared in 19th place,taking NZ$11,256 from nine screens.