The Chronicles OfRiddick opened in cinemas on the weekend and pushed I, Robot off the top spot, but there wasn't much between them. Riddick took NZ$385,766 from 47 screensfor UIP, while I, Robot tookNZ$354,212 from 60 screens in its second week on release.

In third was Fahrenheit9/11 on its first official week on release. After one week of previews ittook NZ$276,318 from just 18 screens for Hopscotch, giving it a screen averageof NZ$15,351, the highest in the top 20 chart by far. Riddick was second in the screen average stakes with NZ$8,208.Palace Film's opener Love's Brotherwas not far behind with NZ$7,868 but the Australian film opened on only onescreen, taking just NZ$7,868.