The Ring Two scaredits UIP stablemate, Meet The Fockers, off the top of the chart on theweekend. In its opening weekend The Ring Two grossed NZ$298,535 from 43screens. This equated to a screen average of NZ$6,943, the biggest in thechart.

The other strongopener on the weekend was Be Cool, the third most popular film at thebox office. It grossed NZ$192,371 from 35 screens for a screen average ofNZ$5,496, the second highest of the weekend. There was one other new face inthe chart but it was on previews. Ae Fond Kiss took NZ$11,917 from justfive screens for Rialto, earning it the 18th spot. Its totalgross is inflated because of film festival appearances.

One-quarter of the films in the top 20 have been there for 10 weeks ormore, which is unusual. These resilient films are Finding Neverland and TheIncredibles, both from BVI, Roadshow's Racing Stripes, UIP's TheSpongebob Squarepants Movie and Rialto's arthouse hit The MotorcycleDiaries.