Elektra was the most popular film in New Zealand cinemas onthe weekend, taking NZ$254,990 from 40 screens for 20th Century Fox in itsopening week and clocking up a screen average of NZ$6,375, which was thehighest in the chart. This was for the usual four days from Thursday to Sunday,although Monday was a public holiday so more people were out and about.

In fourth was Ray,which sold NZ$167,296 worth of tickets to 42 screens in its opening weekend forUIP. Rounding out the top five was Finding Neverland, which is now inits third week for BVI. The only other opener besides Elektra and Raywas Les Choristes. Despite being on only four screens -- less than anyother film in the chart -- it was able to claim sixteenth position with a grossof NZ$19,628 for BVI, which equated to a screen average of NZ$4,907, the secondbiggest for the weekend.

Distributors Roadshow and20th Century Fox tested the water with previews of Million Dollar Babyand Sideways respectively. The former took NZ$41,617 from 21 screens andcame eleventh while the latter grossed NZ$24,282 from 11 screens to end upfourteenth.