Bridget Jones - The EdgeOf Reason, handled by UIP, has beenthe most popular film at the box office for three consecutive weekends. In itssecond outing in cinemas its four-day gross dropped 26.2% and this weekend theNZ$416,587 gross from 65 screens represented a drop of 33.8%.

A very different film, TheGrudge, was audiences' second choice around the country. In its openingweekend it grossed a scary NZ$294,869 from half as many screens for Roadshow.It had the highest screen average by far at NZ$9,215 although Bridget Joneshad the next highest with NZ$6,409.

There was one other openerin the top five, albeit only just, and that was Christmas With The Cranks,which took NZ$134,906 from 43 screens for Sony Pictures.

There were three moreopeners in the top 20. Two Brothers (13th) grossed NZ$23,734from 28 screens for UIP, Wicker Park (14th) grossed NZ$22,489from 35 screens for 20th Century Fox, and Saved (16th)brought in NZ$14,561 for Rialto.