Calendar Girls held on to the top spot in its second week with a gross of NZ$274,119 from 38 screens against two challengers that couldn't be more different.

But beware of taking the results on face value because it is very messy at the top of the chart this week. Second placed S.W.A.T took NZ$188,506 from 45 screens but was only on previews. Snapping at its heels was the high profile BVI/Miramax Kill Bill: Volume 1 on 30 screens but it opened on a Friday, instead of the usual Thursday, so its figures are only for three days compared to S.W.A.T's four.

The screen average of NZ$6,110 for the new Quentin Tarantino pic is about half as much again as S.W.A.T's, but Calendar Girls beat them both without even trying.