UIP's Love Actually lived up to the promise shown in the previous weekend's previews and easily secured the top spot with a gross of NZ$415,176 from 51 screens. Despite the screen count being second only to The Matrix Revolutions in number, the film's screen average of NZ$8,141 was miles ahead of all the other films.

The other four films in the top five are all from Roadshow, namely and in order, Matrix, Freddy vs Jason, which was in its opening weekend, Elf and the weekend chart's third and final opener Mystic River.

This dominance by Roadshow was despite the heavy demands on staff due to the world premiere of The Return Of The King in the national capital of Wellington on December 1 and accompanying media junket, held over the preceding two days. The final instalment of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy doesn't open in its home market until December 18.