Columbia TriStar's Underworld just managed to push UIP's Love Actually off the top spot in the weekend popularity stakes. It sold NZ$331,282 worth of tickets from 40 screens, admittedly a dozen less than the 52 screens from which Love Actually earned it's NZ$310,788. It was Underworld's first weekend, just as it was for BVI's Freaky Friday, which was third in the charts with a gross of NZ$138,278 from 50 screens.

To capitalise on the country's obsession with The Lord Of The Rings following the recent world premiere of the third in the trilogy, The Return Of The King, Roadshow re-released a special edition of The Fellowship Of The Ring and it finished in the ninth spot. Another Roadshow film disappointed, however: last week's opener Freddy vs Jason tumbled four spots to seventh position.