Newmarket Films haspicked up North American rights to Christopher Quinn's Sundance DocumentaryGrand Jury Prize and Audience Award winner God Grew Tired Of Us.

The distributor plans an autumn release on the picture, which profiles theodyssey of three refugees from Sudan's civil war as they try to establish a newlife in the US.

Tommy Walker co-directed the documentary and Nicole Kidman narrates the storyof the 'lost boys'. Quinn, Molly Bradford and Walker produced and PeterGilbert, Brad Pitt, Adam Schlesinger and Jack Schneider served as executiveproducers.

Newmarket co-founder Chris Ball and head of business and legal affairs RobertFyvolent negotiated the deal with Jamie Feldman and Linda Lichter on behalf ofthe filmmakers. CAA brokered the deal.

"After seeing God Grew Tired Of Us at Sundance, I was determined to acquire the film for domesticdistribution," Ball said. "I loved it and I could see that the audience wastotally captivated by the resilience and spirit of these young men."

Ball added that he and co-founder WillTyrer would strategise a "passionate" grassroots campaign in support of therelease.

"With this acquisition we're entering into the next chapter of Newmarket Films'exciting future as a distributor," Tyrer said. "We are looking to add to ourvibrant library of 250 titles with acquisitions and productions."

Newmarket collaborated on the acquisition with Ash Shah, Sundip Shah, and BarryBrooker of Silver Nitrate.