EXCLUSIVE: Korean sales agent picks up My Love My Bride remake, The Deal and Cart (working title) [pictured].

Korean sales agent 9ers Entertainment has added three new titles to their Cannes slate including a remake of Lee Myung-se’s seminal 1990 romantic comedy My Love My Bride.

Currently in production, the remake is directed by Lim Charn-Sang (The President’s Barber). The film stars Jo Jung-suk (The Fatal Encounter) and Shin Min-a (The Naked Kitchen) as a long-term couple who finally get married and go from honeymoon bliss to bickering over housekeeping, family, friends, colleagues and exes as they try to find a balance between marriage and independence.

The film is one of two backed by multi-platform content distributor Cineguru/Daoutech, Inc. that 9ers has picked up.

The second is crime thriller The Deal, with a solid trio of actors: Kim Sang-kyung (The Tower), Kim Sung-kyun (The Suspect) and Park Sung-woong (New World).

Currently in pre-production, the film will be Son Young-Ho’s feature debut. The Deal is a story of two men driven by rage and vengeance after a serial killer takes away the woman they both love – the younger sister to one, a veteran cop, and the wife to the other, a previously ordinary guy.

9ers’ third recent pick-up is Cart (working title), produced by powerhouse Myung Films (Architecture 101). Directed by Boo Ji-Young (Sisters On The Road), the film is currently in post-production.

Cart stars Yum Jung-ah (The Spies) as a mother raising two teenagers while paying back debt by working as a temp at a large retail store. Faced with unjust working conditions and firings, she takes a stand with her co-workers and her son.

The cast also features Moon Jeong-hee (Hide And Seek), Kim Kang-woo (The Taste Of Money) and Kim Young-ae (The Attorney) with K-pop group EXO member D.O. in his screen debut already attracting buzz.

The film is backed by Little Big Pictures, jointly established by the Korean Film Producers Association with production houses including Chungeorahm, Filmmaker R&K and Myung Films.

9ers has another Little Big Pictures title, mystery horror film Mourning Grave, in Cannes along with others including romantic dramas Santa Barbara and Her Lovely Heels.