Emily Morgan

Source: Quiddity

Emily Morgan

How to attract UK talent and filmmakers to a project with international potential; what kinds of scripts and packages an agent will put in front of their client; and how working with UK talent enhances a project, will all be discussed at a panel in the UK Pavilion in Cannes today (Saturday May 20, 16:00-17:00). 

The panel marks 20 years of Screen’s pioneering new talent spotlight UK Stars of Tomorrow with a panel discussion at the  moderated by Fionnuala Halligan, Screen’s executive editor for reviews and new talent.

The expert speakers are Roger Charteris, CEO of talent and development agency The Partnership Group; Anna Griffin, producer at Griffin Pictures and Star of Tomorrow 2018; Emily Morgan, producer at Quiddity Films and Star of Tomorrow 2015; Tolu Stedford, producer at Story Compound; and Mia Bays, director, BFI National Lottery Filmmaking Fund, and also a former Star of Tomorrow.

“I’m looking forward to discussing my experiences of working with unknown voices, through to attaching more recognised names to projects, as well as the combination of both,” said Emily Morgan of Quiddity Films, whose feature The Settlers is playing in Un Certain Regard.

Also on the talks programme today (11:00-12:00) is a talk on the UK expenditure credit, looking at how the new system will work, as the UK reforms its film and TV tax reliefs, introducing new expenditure credits from January 2024.