Armando Bo

Source: Pato Battellini

Armando Bo

Argentinian Oscar-winning Birdman co-screenwriter and filmmaker Armando Bó and his new company About Entertainment are developing two TV series centred on modern Argentinian events and personalities.

About Entertainment has purchased the rights to Las Malas (Bad Girls), the 2019 autobiographical novel by Camila Sosa Villada, and is also developing Cromañon, based on true events surrounding a fatal fire at a music venue.

Las Malas is an autobiographical story about a 19-year-old trans woman who moves to the big city and joins a group of trans sex workers. Villada is a trans writer and actress who has explored gender identity in her roles and writing. About acquired all rights from the author through her publisher.

Cromañon follows the lives of a group of teenagers and is based on real events surrounding the República Cromañón fire in Buenos Aires, a shocking national tragedy in 2004 that led to the loss of 194 teenage lives and left more than 1,400 injured.

Speaking to Screen recently, Bó said of his company, I have so many things in development but I want to be strategic about when we announce things.”

About will create content in different languages. “It depends on the story,” he said. “Some stories are better in English, some in Spanish. I guess that the boundaries are broken down after Parasite won the Oscar, so it’s a really big moment for international people to develop content for the American market and other markets.”

Bó’s TV series El Presidente, about the 2015 FIFA corruption scandal, recently launched on Amazon Prime and marks Amazon Prime’s first Chilean Original.

As a feature director he is known for Animal and made his feature debut on El Ultimo Elvis, which premiered at Sundance 2021.