'Bob Marley: One Love', 'Madame Web'

Source: Paramount / Sony

‘Bob Marley: One Love’, ‘Madame Web’

Worldwide box office February 16-18

RankFilm (distributor)3-day (world)Cume (world)3-day (int’l) Cume (int’l) Territories
 1.  Yolo (various)  $84.4m  $402.4m  $84.4m  $402.4m   1
 2.  Pegasus 2 (various)  $79.2m  $358.1m  $78.86m  $357m  3
 3.  Article 20 (various)  $68.4m  $206m  $68.4m  $206m  1
 4.  Bob Marley: One Love (Paramount)   $56.7m  $74.6m  $29m  $29m  48
 5.  Boonie Bears: Time Twist (various)  $50.5m  $207.7m  $50.5m  $207.7m  1
 6.  Madame Web (Sony)
 $40.9m  $49.1m  $25,7m  $25.7m  62
 7.  Haikyu!! The Movie: Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump (various)
 $15,2m  $15.2m  $15.2m  $15.2m  1
 8.  Wonka (Warner Bros)
 $11.2m  $254.8m  $7m  $395.1m   75
 9.  Migration (Universal)  $10.7m  $254.8m  $7m  $140m  6
 10.  Anyone But You (Sony)  $10.2m  $188.9m   $7.8m  $104.2m  44

Credit: Comscore. All figures are estimates.

Paramount celebrates ‘Bob Marley’ hit

Paramount has brought some cheer to a becalmed February box office with the opening salvo of music biopic Bob Marley: One Love. The film opened on Valentine’s Day (February 14) in most markets, and delivered a five-day estimated $45.6m in North America, plus $29.0m in 47 international markets. The numbers combine to deliver a $74.6m debut.

Bob Marley: One Love was the top film in North America, and also for international if China is excluded from consideration. (However, Chinese titles – released a week ago for the New Year holiday – continue to dominate globally, see below.)

UK/Ireland led the international pack for Bob Marley with an estimated $9.3m, ahead of France ($5.5m), Australia ($2.0m) and then Germany and Brazil (both $1.8m).

The film topped the box office in 13 international markets – including Marley’s home nation Jamaica, where the $280,000 debut set a record for the biggest opening of all time, and represented a 90% market share.

In UK/Ireland and several other markets, Bob Marley: One Love delivered the second-biggest opening for a music biopic, behind only Bohemian Rhapsody.

The $74.6m worldwide opening compares with a $50.5m debut for Elvis in June 2022. Elvis opened in North America and 51 international markets for the first weekend of play – a similar size of footprint to Bob Marley, but with just three days of takings in many key territories.

Elvis went on to achieve a lifetime total of $288.7m for Warner Bros, and Paramount will wish to match that number. Top music biopic of all time remains Bohemian Rhapsody, with $910.8m worldwide.

In Bob Marley: One Love, Reinaldo Marcus Green (King Richard) directs Kingsley Ben-Adir (One Night In Miami) in a story that focuses on the last five years of the singer’s life, including a spell living in London.

Also for Paramount, Mean Girls pushed past $100m at the weekend, adding an estimated $2.2m to take the worldwide total to $101.7m. 

‘Madame Web’ spins $49m debut

Madame Web, the latest spinoff of Sony/Marvel’s Spider-Man, has begun with a disappointing estimated $49.1m, achieved over five days beginning February 14. That number breaks down into $23.4m in North America, and $25.7m for 61 international markets.

UK/Ireland led international territories with an estimated five-day $2.9m, ahead of France ($1.6m) and then Australia, Germany and Brazil (all $1.5m).

Madame Web is the fourth film in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, following Venom, sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Morbius.

Hitherto, Morbius proved the weakest of the Spider-Man Universe franchise, opening in April 2022 with $84.0m worldwide, and reaching a disappointing lifetime total of $167.5m. Madame Web now has its work cut out to match that total.

Also for Sony, Anyone But You added another $10.2m globally (barely down on $12.4m the previous weekend), taking the total to $188.9m. Anyone But You might already be considered the highest-grossing US romantic comedy of the pandemic era, beating Universal’s Ticket To Paradise ($168.8m). The more action-flavoured The Lost City, starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, remains ahead of Anyone But You – but only just, given a lifetime worldwide total of $192.9m. Anyone But You will overtake it this week.

China continues to dominate worldwide box office

While Bob Marley: One Love and to a lesser extent Madame Web helped revitalise North America and many international markets, both films were beaten at the worldwide box office by a trio of Chinese films, continuing to perform strongly over the extended New Year holiday/ Spring Festival.

Jia Ling drama YOLO, aka You Only Live Once, stays at the top spot with $84.4m in its second weekend of play, taking the total after nine days to $402.4m. Motor-racing comedy sequel Pegasus 2 holds on to second place with $79.2m, and a nine-day $358.1m.

Zhang Yimou’s legal drama Article 20 moves up to third place with $68.4m for the second weekend, taking the total to $206.0m.

And family animated sequel Boonie Bears: Time Twist adds $50.5m in its second session, bringing its total to $207.7m.

These four films alone have grossed a combined $1.17bn since the holiday began on February 10. Over the official eight-day holiday period (Saturday February 10-17), the full market delivered $1.11bn, according to local reports – an 18% rise on 2023, and a record for the holiday.