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Source: Ben Dalton

The view of the street outside the Palais from the press terrace, prior to its closure

The entrance to the Palais was temporarily closed in Cannes this afternoon (May 18) following a bomb scare around what festival staff termed a “suspicious item”.

The street outside the Palais was shut down, with police officers preventing pedestrians crossing in either direction. A group of specialised officers was inspecting a rucksack in the middle of the crosswalk.

The press terrace that faces towards the Croisette was also closed.

Neither the Palais nor the surrounding area was evacuated, however the area around the Palais was restricted and no queuing was allowed directly in front of the building. A group of people queuing to enter were allowed to remain next to a police post.

After investigation by a large group of officers, both the street and the Palais entrance were reopened at 15.10 CEST.

Cannes security remains high, with attendees required to walk individually through a new detector gate. Some attending industry have said this has slowed entrance to the venue, with queues of up to 20 minutes.

Screen has contacted the festival for comment around the incident.