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‘Take Me Somewhere Nice’

Nine features by rising filmmakers are being showcased by France’s Association for the Diffusion of Independent Cinema (ACID) at the Cannes Film Festival next month (May 14-25). 

The initiative aims to give greater visibility to up-and-coming independent filmmakers. Seven of the nine are first- time features (apart from Blind Spot and As Happy As Possible), five are fiction films and four are documentaries. All are world premieres except Ena Sendijarevic’s Take Me Somewhere Nice, which debuted in Rotterdam.

They are:

  • Blind Spot (Fr) Dirs: Pierre Trividic, Patrick-Mario Bernard
  • Des Hommes (Fr) Dirs: Jean-Robert Viallet, Alice Odiot (documentary)
  • Indianara (Braz)  Dirs:  Aude Chevalier-Beaumel, Marcello Barbosa (documentary)
  • Kongo (Fr), Dirs: Hadrien La Vapeur, Corto Vaclav (documentary)
  • Mickey And The Bear (US) Dir: Annabelle Attanasio
  • Solo (Fr-Czech Rep-Arg -Ausr) Dir:  Artemio Benki (documentary)
  • As Happy As Possible (Fr-Portl Dir: Alain Raoust
  • Take Me Somewhere Nice (Neth- Bos) Dir: Ena Sendijarevic 
  • Vif-Argent (Fr) Dir: Stéphane Batut

The third annual Acid Trip strand highlights an international filmmakers’ association, with this year’s focus on Argentina. The three projects selected are:

  • Las Vegas, Dir: Juan Villegas
  • Brief Story From The Green Planet, Dir: Santiago Loza
  • Sangre Blanca, Dir: Barbara Sarasola - Day

This year’s programming committee was: Sylvie Ballyot, Aurélia Barbet, Marta Bergman, Michaël Dacheux, Marina Déak, Delphine Deloget, Jean-Louis Gonnet, Diego Governatori, Hanna Ladoul, Marco La Via, Vladimir Perisic, Clément Schneider, Idir Serghine, Christian Sonderegger and Laure Vermeersch.

The ACID programme at Cannes was created in 1993 to give visibility to directors whose work struggles to find distribution, with a goal to facilitating a theatrical release.

It has previously helped showcase the early works of Serge Bozon, Lucas Belvaux, Alain Gomis, Claire Simon, Djinn Carrénard, Pierre Schoeller, Vincent Dieutre, Arnaud et Jean-Marie Larrieu, Rachid Djaïdani, Nicolás Pereda, Ursula Meier, Avi Mograbi, Yolande Moreau and Gilles Porte.