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Source: Screen International

As cinemas deal with the third wave of closures in 2021, Screen charts the situation in markets across the globe.

This page will provide updates for each territory as they come through, with details on dates, distancing, and distribution where relevant.

Information on European territories has been collated in conjunction with the Union Internationale des Cinémas (UNIC). Dates and timelines have come from national authorities and should be regarded as provisional and subject to change.

Albania - OPEN
Albania has a curfew, with all citizens required to stay at home from 11pm until 6am

Algeria - OPEN

American Samoa - CLOSED

Austria - OPEN
Masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn by all cinema attendees in Vienna; rules are set to be tightened further on October 1.

Bahrain - OPEN

Belgium - OPEN

Bosnia & Herzegovina - OPEN

Bulgaria - OPEN

China - OPEN

Croatia - OPEN

Cyprus - OPEN

Czech Republic - OPEN

Denmark - OPEN

Egypt - OPEN

Estonia - OPEN

Finland - OPEN
The government has submitted a proposal for a coronavirus pass to the Finnish Parliament.

France - OPEN

Germany - OPEN

Greece - OPEN
Cinemas have the option to operate as ’Covid-free’ (for twice-vaccinated people only) and ‘mixed’ spaces.

Hong Kong - OPEN

Hungary - OPEN

Iceland - OPEN

Iraq - OPEN

Ireland - OPEN

Israel - OPEN

Italy - OPEN

Jordan - OPEN

Kosovo - OPEN

Kuwait - OPEN

Latvia - OPEN

Lebanon - OPEN

Libya - OPEN

Lithuania - OPEN

Luxembourg - OPEN

Malta - OPEN

Montenegro - OPEN

Morocco - OPEN

Netherlands - OPEN

North Macedonia - OPEN

Norway - OPEN

Oman - OPEN

Palestine - OPEN

Poland - OPEN

Portugal - OPEN
Portugal will lift almost all remaining Covid-19 restrictions, allowing full occupancy in cultural venues, from October 1.

Qatar - OPEN

Romania - OPEN

Russia - OPEN

Saudi Arabia - OPEN

Serbia - OPEN

Singapore - OPEN

Slovakia - OPEN

Slovenia - OPEN

Spain - OPEN

South Korea - OPEN

Sudan - OPEN

Sweden - OPEN

Switzerland - OPEN

Taiwan - OPEN

Tunisia - OPEN

Turkey - OPEN


Ukraine - OPEN
The government extended the country’s state of emergency until the end of 2021, announcing a ‘yellow’ epidemic level which imposes limits on the number of people who can be at public venues, and including mandatory mask-wearing and distancing.

United Arab Emirates - OPEN

Many counties and metro areas within different states are applying their own restrictions.