What Doesn't Float

Source: Alice Plati

What Doesn’t Float

Circle Collective’s independent anthology What Doesn’t Float has secured a SAG-AFTRA interim agreement, paving the way for star-producer Pauline Chalamet (Sex Lives Of College Girls) to promote ahead of the imminent release in New York and Los Angeles.

Chalamet will do press next week to support the releases in New York on September 22 at Roxy Cinema and Los Angeles on October 6 at Brain Dead Studios. It is a timely boost for arthouse distributor Circle Collective, which has already virtually sold out the New York opening day.

“An interim agreement allows microbudget movies to see the light of day,” says Chalamet. “I’m grateful that my fellow actors and I will be able to promote What Doesn’t Float and I hope the AMPTP and SAG are soon back at the negotiating table. The precarious situation in which most of my colleagues, our hardworking crews and our writers find themselves in today is unsustainable.”

The film comprises seven vignettes of New Yorkers at their wits’ end and is the first to be produced through Gummy Films led by Luca Balser, Chalamet, and Rachel Walden.

Balser directed, edited and scored the film, which also stars genre filmmaker-actor Larry Fessenden (We Are Still Here), and Keith Poulson (PVT Chat).

A roster of four celebrated independent cinematographers features Sean Price Williams (Good Time), Hunter Zimny (The Scary of Sixty-First), Matt Clegg (We Are Not Cats!), and Charlotte Dupré (Fairytale).

What Doesn’t Float will expand within the two markets and into others including Toronto, Columbus, Cincinnati, Kansas City, with international festival premieres to follow this autumn.