Edward Noeltner’s Cinema Management Group has teamed up with The Collector and The Collection producers Brett Forbes and Patrick Rizzotti of Fortress Features and actor Josh Stewart on the Toronto-bound sales title.

The supernatural horror thriller stars Stewart as a hunter who heads into the West Virginian woods with a friend in a bid to land their own reality TV show. They soon learn a terrifying entity is stalking them. WME Global represents US rights.

CMG will screen Hunted outside the festival for buyers on Sept 6 at 6.30pm at the Deluxe Screening Room.

“Josh, Brett, and Patrick have really taken their amazing skills of making horror films to another level with Hunted,” said Noeltner.

“We’ve had terrific success selling their previous films, and I think there’s a huge worldwide audience looking for a supernatural thriller as frightening as this one. We really can’t wait to share this film for the first time with buyers in Toronto next month.”

“There are 13million hunters in America spending over $22bn dollars annually, so there’s a huge untapped market out there for a new film like this one,” said Stewart. “We’re really excited to show how reality collides with the supernatural.”

“Hunters have been generally underrepresented in cinema so we are confident that by appealing specifically to this huge core audience, distributors can build a solid campaign around Hunted that also encompasses supernatural horror fans,” said Forbes and Rizzotti.

In Toronto CMG will also screen official TIFF Kids selection Khumba and Saving Santa, which screens outside the festival on Sept 6 at 4.30pm at the Deluxe.