Aaron Eckhart

Source: Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Aaron Eckhart

Los Angeles-based Concourse Media has reported brisk pre-sales here on its action thriller Raider starring Aaron Eckhart as the US president and Danny Huston as the head of the Secret Service. Simon West will direct.

Rights have closed in Germany (Constantin Film), Australia/New Zealand (Rialto), Spain (Second Gen Pictures), Italy (Eagle Pictures), Scandinavia (Mis Label), Eastern Europe (MediaSquad), CIS (Paradise), Indonesia, (PT Prima), Middle East (Grand Entertainment), and Israel (Shoval Film). 

Talks are underway on a North American sale and production is scheduled to begin in Spain in autumn.

Raider tells the story of the recently elected US president who sweeps into power after a landslide victory and discovers the White House has been controlled for decades by an elite shadow organisation.

Refusing to heed advice from the head of the Secret Service, the president must unravel a series of cryptic messages left by his predecessors in the hopes of protecting the country and his family.

Concourse Media head Matt Shreder is producing alongside Steve Lee Jones’ Bee Holder Productions, marking their second collaboration with Eckhart since Chief Of Station which was released worldwide this earlier month.

“It’s exciting to be doing another film with Bee Holder who has cultivated a string of extremely well-crafted films that are globally commercial,” said Shreder. “Aaron has quickly cemented himself as an action star in this space, and it will be epic to see him step back into the Oval Office once again.”