The founder of DDA Public Relations and head of DDA Consulting is to serve as external special advisor Medient Studios.

Chairman Manu Kumaran announced (5) that in his role Davidson will counsel Kumaran across all Medient’s businesses including the Studioplex, and guide on corporate PR strategy.

Medient, which recently acquired German sales company Atlas International Film and pledged $700m to the Georgia-based Studioplex in the US, plans to acquire more corporate components pursuant to its global ambitions.

“Dennis’ success as a marketing professional and as an entrepreneur is a matter of public record,” said Kumaran. “His acumen and rolodex will add a whole new dimension to the Medient story.”

“I am very impressed by Manu’s vision and the international team that he has assembled to fulfil it and so I’m delighted to become his outside consultant, across the whole business,” said Davidson.

The special advisor will work alongside Medient’s team comprising, among others, Medient co-founder Pankaj Kapoor, head of Indian operations Shilpa Mittal, former Rysher Entertainment senior executive and Union Entertainment founder Richard Leibowitz, as well as Working Title shareholder and finance director Graham Bradstreet.