The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) teams with Venice for a second year to showcase new directors and producers from the Middle East.

A team from DIFF is heading to the 70th Venice Film Festival (Aug 28-Sept 7) to showcase Arab filmmakers.

Following its debut last year, DIFF will work with the Venice Biennale on the “Biennale College – Cinema” in Venice to support teams of directors and producers to make their first or second micro-budget film.

The collaboration with the Venice Film Market will see ten films that screened at the 9th DIFF presented through the festival’s Digital Video Library, which allows the filmmakers to have their films made available to distributors, buyers, sellers, agents and film promotion agencies from around the world.

The films that will be showcased include:

  • Blind Intersections, Lara Saba
  • It’s About To Rain, Haider Rashid
  • Infiltrators, Khaled Jarrar
  • The Turtle’s Rage, Pary El-Qalqili
  • Line Of Sight, Aseel Mansour
  • Asfouri, Fouad Alaywan
  • Chaos, Disorder, Nadine Khan
  • Defining Love: A Failed Attempt, Hakim Belabbes
  • Round Trip, Meyar Al Roumi
  • Detroit Unleaded, Rola Nashef.

The team will also include programmers from the Arab, Asia, Africa and Europe sections who will looking to secure titles for the 10th DIFF (Dec 6-14).

In addition, the Dubai Film Market will be on panels during the festival to discuss opportunities for producing and distribution in the Middle East.