UPDATED: George Griffith’s From The Head stars Matthew Lillard as the charismatic bathroom attendant of a seedy New York strip joint and was shot entirely in a bathroom.

Breaking Glass plans a late spring / early summer theatrical release.

Russell Gray and Christopher Lemole produced From The Head. Lemole belongs to a new venture from BenderSpink to produce low-budget films.  

BenderSpink’s JC Spink helped guide the film to Breaking Glass. 

Separately, Breaking Glass has acquired worldwide rights to Stuck To Your Pillow (Pegado a tu almohada), a Spanish-themed, supernatural romantic comedy.

“In the vein of Ghost, director Mari Navarro has created a film that is everything we want in a romantic comedy,” said Breaking Glass CEO Rich Wolff.

The story is about a man who dies but tries to stay on earth as a ghost for the woman he loves.

That film will be available on iNDEMAND starting Dec 22.