X +Y director Morgan Matthews and The Look of Silence doc maker Joshua Oppenheimer among those set to receive support at the festival in South Korea.

European Film Promotion has unveiled the list of titles it will support at this year’s Busan International Film Festival  (Oct 2-11) in South Korea.

EFP’s contribution to this cultural exchange at the festival and the support of business relations at the Asian Film Market is backed by the Media Programme of the European Union and the participating EFP member organisations.

EFP’s European umbrella booth at the Asian Film Market (Oct 5-8) will again be greatly enlarged due to the number of sales companies participating in the stand and the general increase of companies registered for this year’s AFM.

To date, 37 sales companies have confirmed their presence at the booth. All of the European companies may also take advantage of EFP’s Film Sales Support (FSS) for their marketing campaigns in Korea. Those sales companies taking part in the umbrella booth and benefiting from FSS will be announced later in September.

The following film artists will be presenting their films in Busan with the support of their respective EFP member organisations and Cultural Institutions:

Schmitke (Germany, Czech Republic)
Film Artist: Stepan Altrichter
EFP member organisation: German Film

Chubby (Switzerland, Belgium)
Film Artist: Bruno Deville
EFP member organisation: Swiss Films

Kafka’s The Burrow (Germany)
Film Artist: Jochen Alexander Freydank
EFP member organisation: German Films

The Canal (Ireland, UK)
Film Artist: Ivan Kavanagh
EFP member organisation: Irish Film Board / Culture Ireland

Warsaw 44 (Poland)
Film Artist: Jan Komasa
EFP member organisation: Polish Film Institute

My Brother’s Keeper (Germany)
Film Artist: Maximilian Leo
EFP member organisation: German Films

Inferno (Slovenia)
Film Artist: Marko Mandić (actor)
EFP member organisation: Slovenian Film Centre

The Dinner (Italy)
Film Artist: Ivano de Matteo
EFP member organisation: Istituto Luce Cinecitta

X+Y (UK)
Film Artist: Morgan Matthews
EFP member organisation: British Council

The Look Of Silence (Denmark)
Film Artist: Joshua Oppenheimer
EFP member organisation: Danish Film Institute

You (Us) Me (UK)
Film Artist: Max Sobol
EFP member organisation: British Council

These Are The Rules (Croatia, France, Serbia, Macedonia)
Film Artist: Ognjen Sviličić
EFP member organisation: Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Atlantic. (The Netherlands)
Film Artist: Jan Willem van Ewijk
EFP member organisation: EYE International, The Netherlands

Waste Land (Belgium)
Film Artist: Pieter van Hees
EFP member organisation: Flanders Image

Magical Girl (Spain)
Film Artist: Carlos Vermut
EFP member organisation: ICAA, Spain

Molehill (Poland)
Film Artist: Joanna Zastrozna
EFP member organisation: Polish Film Institute