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Source: Gaga Corporation

‘3ft Ball & Souls’

Japan’s Gaga Corporation is launching international sales on Yoshio Kato’s 3ft Ball & Souls at Filmart. The film made its world premiere last year at Skip City International D-Cinema Festival, where it won the audience award, and its international premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. 

It is the sophomore feature of TV series and commercials director Kato, whose directorial debut Plastic Crime also competed at Skip City in 2014. Kato wrote, directed, produced and fully financed 3ft Ball & Souls.

The film follows a depressed middle-aged man who arrives at a remote cabin carrying a three-foot firework ball, planning to kill himself with members of an internet suicide chatroom called Life Club. But when one of the members, a high-school girl, gets angry and pushes the button to ignite the firework, this somehow takes the group back to when they all first met and they end up stuck in a time loop.

3ft Ball & Souls stars Honoka Murakami (Tag), Minehiro Kinomoto (Kamen Rider W), Shinobu Tsuji (Her Love Boils Bathwater) and Kanji Tsuda (Tokyo Sonata).