'A Little Something Extra'

Source: David Koskas

‘A Little Something Extra’

French box office phenomenon A Little Something Extra has been sold to Square One in Germany, Scanbox in Scandinavia, Moving Story in Australia, Volga in Russia, The Searchers in the Netherlands, Shoval Film in Israel and Films4U in Portugal by Other Angle.

Negotiations are reportedly ongoing for both theatrical and remakes deals to North America, the UK, Spain, Japan, Latin America, Eastern Europe, China, Greece, Middle East and Korea.

The debut feature from actor-comedian Artus is a comedy drama about a father-son duo fleeing the police who take refuge at a summer camp for young adults with disabilities. The film is the highest-grossing title in France so far this year, with 7.2 million tickets sold for local distributor Pan Distribution since its May 1 release.

The release of A Little Something Extra has revived the French box office after a slow start to the year.

It has also drawn wide audiences in French-speaking territories where deals were made ahead of its French release.  The film has sold more than 200,000 tickets in Belgium via Vertigo and around 100,000 in Switzerland, where it is distributed by Praesens. A-Z Films released the film in Québec and Eagle Pictures previously picked up distribution and remake rights for Italy.  

“Other than pre-sales to French-speaking territories, we didn’t show the film to anyone before Cannes and awaited the French release,” said Other Angle’s co-founder and president Olivier Albou. “We knew it would be successful, but we never imagined it would be to this extent.”