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‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’

Worldwide box office May 24-26

 Rank Film (distributor) 3-day (world) Cume (world)3-day (int’l)  Cume (int’l) Territories
 1.  Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (Warner Bros)  $58.8m  $58.8m  $33.3m  $33.3m  76
 2.  The Garfield Movie (Sony)  $38.7m  $91m  $14m  $66.3m  51 
 3.  Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes (Disney)  $33.9m  $294.8m  $20.6m  $172m  53
 4.  IF (Paramount)  $27.4m  $98.8m  $11.3m  $40m  65
 5.  The Fall Guy (Universal)  $9.9m  $143.8m   $4m  $71.6m  82
 6.  The Strangers: Chapter 1 (various)  $7m  $25.2m  $1.4m  $3.9m  22
 7.  Twilight Of The Warriors: Walled In (various)  $6.9m  $91.1m  $6.9m  $91.1m  8
 8.  A Little Something Extra (Pathe)  $6.9m  $37.8m  $6.9m  $37.8m  1
 9.  The Last Frenzy (various)  $5.6m  $89.2m  $5.5m  $89.2m  5
 10.  Tarot (Sony)  $3.9m   $37m  $3.2m  $20m  52

Credit: Comscore. All figures are estimates.

‘Furiosa’ falls short of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ debut

Nearly a whole month into the so-called summer blockbuster movie season, and the global box office has yet to truly ignite. The weekend saw Warner Bros unleash prequel Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, topping the global box office chart with an estimated $58.9m — breaking down as $25.6m In North America and $33.3m for 75 international markets.

As recently as a week ago, industry expectations had pegged Furiosa to a global opening around $80-85m, although that target total also included today’s Memorial Day holiday Monday in the US (May 27).

For comparison, Mad Max: Fury Road opened with $45.4m in North America, and $109.4m globally— although the footprint of international markets does not necessarily match up. (Warner Bros did not issue a comparison for the two films across like-for-like markets.) Mad Max: Fury Road went on to achieve a global total of $379.4m — a number that now looks beyond the grasp of Furiosa.

Among best-performing international markets for Furiosa, South Korea leads with an estimated $4.5m, topping the box office with a 40% share. France comes second with a five-day estimated $2.6m, in second place there behind local hit A Little Something Extra (aka Un P’tit Truc En Plus), which added another $7.0m at the weekend, taking the total after 26 days to a very sturdy $37.9m.

UK/Ireland ranks third among Furiosa’s international markets, with an estimated $2.5m opening, just ahead of Mexico ($2.4m) and then Australia ($2.2m).

Imax accounted for $9.5m of Furiosa’s global total – the format achieving a robust 16% share of the film’s box office.

Three additional markets have yet to open the film: Greece welcomes Furiosa this Thursday (May 30), Japan the next day (May 31) and finally China on June 7.

‘The Garfield Movie’ achieves biggest weekend tally to date with $39m

Columbia Pictures/Alcon Entertainment’s The Garfield Movie landed in North America at the weekend, opening just behind Furiosa with an estimated $24.8m. The animated film also expanded internationally, and is now in 57 markets, grossing an estimated $14.0m for the weekend. Those numbers combine to deliver an estimated $38.8m weekend session for the film, taking the total to $91.1m.

In international holdover markets, the decline for The Garfield Movie was a mild 29%. Among new openings, UK/Ireland led with a five-day estimated $2.5m, followed by Middle East with $1.0m.

In cumulative totals, Mexico convincingly leads the international pack with $17.4m so far.

Upcoming key markets are Australia (May 30), France (July 17) and Japan (August 16).

In 2004, live-action comedy Garfield: The Movie grossed $203.2m worldwide: $75.4m in North America and $127.8m for international – with UK/Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil and Australia leading the international pack. The Garfield Movie is now 45% of the way to matching that total.

Now outside the global top 10 is Sony’s Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, but the studio celebrated the sequel reaching $200m worldwide at the weekend, with the global total now standing at $200.4m.

‘Apes’ sequel pushes towards $300m

The latest global box office chart is noticeable for the dominance of US studio titles, with Warner Bros, Sony, Disney, Paramount and Universal all landing a film in the top five, and Asian films making a relatively modest showing – highest is Hong Kong action sequel Twilight Of The Warriors: Walled In, in seventh place (see chart).

Disney’s film is Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes – in third place for the weekend with an estimated $34.1m globally. Total to date is $294.8m, and Wes Ball’s film still has a fair way to go to match the $490.7m achieved by previous franchise entry War For The Planet Of The Apes in 2017.

Top international market for Kingdom Of… is China, with $25.3m to date – but the film is not on track to match the $112.2m achieved in that market by War For… (data from Box Office Mojo). In other words, the new film will have to make up the lost ground in other markets, if it has a hope of matching War For….

Next in the international league table for Kingdom Of… is France, with $17.3m, ahead of Mexico ($15.5m) and UK/Ireland ($13.0m).

Rounding out the global top five for the weekend are Paramount’s IF and Universal’s The Fall Guy. These two films have reached respective totals of $98.7m and $143.8m, and IF has plenty of distance to go, arriving in a number of smaller markets this coming weekend, followed by Japan and China in mid-June.

None of the aspiring summer blockbusters have performed abysmally – we haven’t yet witnessed something like a Speed Racer, the Wachowski siblings’ manga adaptation that limped to a $93.9m worldwide total in 2008. But nor has there – yet – been a film that has lit up the summer 2024 box office, and cinema operators will be pinning hopes on titles yet to arrive, including Disney/Marvel’s Deadpool & Wolverine, Universal/Illumination’s Despicable Me 4 and Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2.