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Source: Gisli Snaer / London Film School

Gisli Snaer

The Icelandic government has appointed Gisli Snaer as the new director of the Icelandic Film Centre. 

The news comes as Laufey Gudjonsdottir made her long-planned departure from the post after 20 years at the organisation.

He starts the new job in April; until then Icelandic Film Centre’s head of production Sigurrós Hilmarsdóttir serves as interim head.

Snaer had most recently been director and CEO of the London Film School until he stepped down from that job in May 2022 after six years at the helm.

His appointment comes at a crucial time for the Icelandic industry as government promises of more funding for local films have been fluctuating.

Snaer’s past work includes creating the WritersLab in Singapore and heading the Puttnam School of Film, LASALLE College of the Arts; running the Japanese company Ansur Pictures and more.

After studying art, design, photography and sociology, Snaer joined the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV) in 1986 as a writer and host of a comic youth program. He worked as an assistant director, assistant editor and production manager in various film productions and then studied at the Sveriges Television (SVT) in 1988, focusing on directing and producing television programs and dramas. He later studied at La Femis in Paris.

As a director, his film credits include Ikíngut, Benjamin Dove and Behind Schedule, as well as working in TV and on commercials for clients including Toyota and Yamaha.

Gudjonsdottir, who previously worked in the TV industry, plans to work as a consultant moving forward.