Can You Hear Me?

Source: Courtesy of Can You Hear Me Ltd.

Can You Hear Me

Glenn Kendrick Ackermann will kick off worldwide sales in Cannes through his V International Media on the supernatural drama Can You Hear Me starring Peter Facinelli from The Twilight Saga.

Charlotte Radford, who starred alongside Daryl Hannah in The American Connection, also stars and wrote the screenplay.

The cast includes James Cosmo from Game Of Thrones, John Standing from The Crown, Matt Barber of Downton Abbey, and Jane Thorne from Night Train To Lisbon.

Simon Hunter, who helmed Mutant Chronicles, directs the story about the whirlwind romance and marriage between Annabel and Samuel, an American soldier who is severely wounded in the first World War.

Samuel mysteriously finds himself reunited with Annabel on their idyllic English country estate where unexplained supernatural events begin to occur. The film will receive its market screening debut in Cannes.

Hunter reunites with his cinematographer August Jakobsson, whose credits include The Northman and The Tomorrow War, after they collaborated on Edie starring Sheila Hancock.

Below the line talent incudes Luciana Arrighi, Ang Lee’s production designer on Sense And Sensibility; Matt Coster, sound designer on Downton Abbey: A New Era; and Jeff Beal, composer on House Of Cards and Ugly Betty. 

Can You Hear Me is fully financed and produced by International Productions and its associate company CYHM Ltd in association with Primary Wave, one of the companies behind Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody. The executive producer is Ackermann’s V International Media.

“Charlotte’s expertly crafted story is a beautiful and heart-wrenching Ghost meets Atonement narrative that will resonate with audiences around the world,” said Munich- and Los Angeles-based Ackermann, adding that the film views war through the female lens.

Hunter called the feature “a deeply moving supernatural journey which moves from the ferocity of the trenches of the western front to the haunting beauty of an English country estate”.

Radford’s upcoming writing projects include a biopic with Primary Wave inspired by the life of composer Glenn Gould.

Ackermann’s Cannes sales line-up includes theatrical horror films The Companion and Jack In The Box Rises from Fowler Media and The Crucifix from ScaryContent & Equalize; supernatural shark adventure Ghost Divers; thriller Cruel Love; paranormal love triangle Double Exposure from Disrupting Influence; and the Italian drama Global Harmony.

The first film executive-produced under the V International Media label was Ironclad starring James Purefoy, Brian Cox and Paul Giamatti. Ackermann has served as executive producer on titles such as Berlin, I Love You starring Helen Mirren and Keira Knightly; Willem & Frieda presented by Stephen Fry; and the upcoming film Lives In Secret to be produced by Jeremy Bolt and directed by John Hay.

Prior to establishing V International Media, Ackermann sold films for the late Ed Pressman and for Capitol Films.