EXCLUSIVE: Helen Lee-Kim and the sales team arrive in Berlin with a fresh slate of third-party fare that features Gold Circle’s In A Dark Place and The Unholy as well as The Safran Company’s Best Night Ever.

Gold Circle will fully finance In A Dark Place and has set UK director Bharat Nalluri to direct from a screenplay by Stacey Menear.

Jane Levy is in discussions to star in the psychological thriller in the vein of The Others and The Innocents, about a fragile young American who travels to England to work as a nanny for a most unusual charge. Levy stars in Sony/Tri-Star’s The Evil Dead reboot set to open in April.

Gold Circle chief Paul Brooks produces with Roy Lee and Jim Wedaa while Circle COO Scott Niemeyer will serve as executive producer alongside John Middleton. Gold Circle’s Brad Kessell brought in the script and will oversee the production, scheduled to commence in spring.

Joseph Fiennes and Morena Baccarin from the TV smash Homeland will star in Gold Circle’s supernatural thriller The Unholy. Principal photography is set to begin in spring and Ross Katz will direct from a screenplay by E L Katz, based on an original idea by [REC] franchise creators Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza.

The story follows a group of scientists investigating a link between evil and a specific human gene who are recruited by the Vatican to spearhead a global initiative to examine candidates for official exorcisms.

Brooks is producing with Niemeyer while Gold Circle’s Guy Danella serves as executive producer with Adrian Guerra, Balaguero and Plaza.

Good Universe will also start sales on the comedy Best Night Ever. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer  directed and Safran and Jason Blum will produce the story of a bride-to-be and her three best friends who get together for a blow-out bachelorette party in Las Vegas that they record for posterity.

Safran described the film as Bridesmaids meets Project X. Crista Flanagan, Desiree Hall, Eddie Ritchard and Samantha Colburn star.