IMAX has announced its first commercial theatre deal for Scandinavia, with Nordic Cinema Group.

The IMAX in the SF Bio anchor multiplex at the Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm will open in autumn 2015.

IMAX president of EMEA Andrew Cripps told Screen in Cannes that in Nordic Cinema Group “we couldn’t pick a better partner…I hope it’s a relationship we can build on because Scandinavia is very important to us.”

“It’s part of our new strategy to get into new markets,” he added. This deal follows recent pacts in Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Estonia, and Slovakia.

IMAX is set to open its screen at the revamped Empire Leicester Square in London at the end of the month.

Other IMAX news includes the company debuting its first laser system in Russia in 2015 and booking another local language Russian project, Nikolai Lebedev’s The Flight Crew, to open in October 2015; this follows the success of Russian hit Stalingrad.

IMAX has 58 screens in Russia, and Stalingrad was also a hit in China where it earned more than $11.5m.

The Flight Crew is a reimagining of the 1979 hit film Air Crew. Greg Foster, IMAX CEO, noted: “When there was state sponsored cinema, 100 million people saw the original film.”

Other local-language releases on the horizon include Zhang Yimou’s Coming Home, which screens here in Cannes; and another Asian title to be confirmed this week.

In China, IMAX has 150 screens open with a further 250 in the works.