Jon Favreau

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Jon Favreau

The virtual reality line-up for the Venice Film Festival (September 2-12) features 31 competition titles, including a project created by Jon Favreau.

Badged Venice VR Expanded, the strand will run entirely online. The out of competition line-up includes nine of the best international VR titles and four projects developed during the Biennale College Cinema - VR.

The Favreau project is Gnomes & Goblins, an original production from Wevr, MWMi and Golem Creations that features a virtual world created by the Lion King director in collaboration with VR director Jake Rowell (theBlu, Call Of Duty, Superman Returns).

The Venice VR digital platform, supported by HTC VIVEPORT, Facebook’s Oculus, VRChat and VRrOOm, will be available worldwide to all those with Venice accreditation.

The jury for is VR filmmaker Celine Tricart, serving as jury president; Amy director Asif Kapadia and renowned video game designer Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid).

They will award the Grand Jury Prize for Best VR Immersive Work, Best VR Immersive User Experience and Best VR Immersive Story.

Venice VR Expanded line-up

In Competition 

Here (US)
By Lysander Ashton 

Terrain (US-Ger-Switz)
By Lily Baldwin, Saschka Unseld, Kumar Atre 

Finding Pandora X (US)
By Kiira Benzing

A Taste Of Hunger (Den-Swe-Fr)
By Christoffer Boe, David Adler 

Hush (Den)
By Vibeke Bryld 

Goodbye Mister Octopus (Fr-US)
By Amaury Campion

Om Devi: Sheroes Revolution (It-Ind)
By Claudio Casale 

African Space Makers (Ken-Ger)
By The Nrb Bus Collective

Baba Yaga (US)
By Eric Darnell, Mathias Chelebourg 

Killing A Superstar (China)
By Fan Fan 

Gnomes And Goblins (US)
By Jon Favreau, Jake Rowell 

Agence (Can)
By Pietro Gagliano 

In The Land Of Flabby Schnook (Can)
By Francis Gelinas 

Dreamin’ Zone (Fr-Switz-Ge)
By Fabienne Giezendanner 

Replacements (Jap-Ger-Indo)
By Jonathan Hagard 

Paper Birds (Arg)
By German Heller, Federico Carlini 

Great Hoax: The Moon Landing (Tai-Arg)
By John Hsu, Marco Lococo 

Beat (Jap)
By Keisuke Itoh 

La Comédie Virtuelle (Switz)
By Gilles Jobin 

The Hangman At Home – An Immersive Single User Experience (Den-Fr-Can)
By Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot 

Once Upon A Sea (Isr-Can)
By Adi Lavy 

The Metamovie Presents: Alien Rescue (US)
By Jason Moore 

4 Feet High (Arg-Fr)
By Maria Belen Poncio, Rosario Perazolo Masjoan 

Ajax All Powerful (US-China)
By Ethan Shaftel

Minimum Mass (NZ-Fr-US)
By Raqi Syed, Areito Echevarria 

We Live Here (US)
By Rose Troche 

Man Under Bridge (Fin)
By Hanna Västinsalo 

Recoding Entropia (Fr)
By François Vautier 

Kinshasa Now (Belg-Congo)
By Marc-Henri Wajnberg 

One More Minute (China)
By Wan Daming 

Mirror: The Signal (Fr)
By Pierre Zandrowicz 

Best Of VR – Out Of Competition

Sound Self: A Technodelic (US)
By Robin Arnott 

Down The Rabbit Hole (Swe)
By Ryan Bednar 

1st Step - From Earth To The Moon (Ger)

By Jörg Courtial, Maria Courtial 

The Room Vr: A Dark Matter (UK)
By Mark Hamilton 

Home (Tai)
By Hsu Chih Yen 

Blind Spot (China)
By Hu Zhangyang 

The Book Of Distance (Can)
Of Randall Okita 

Double (UK)
Of David Rosenberg, Glen Neath 

Gravity Vr (Braz-Peru)
By Fabito Rychter, Amir Admoni 

Biennale College Cinema - Vr – Out Of Competition

Vajont (It)
By Iolanda Di Bonaventura, Producer: Saverio Trapasso
Produced with the Biennale College Cinema Vr Grant 

Meet Mortaza VR (Fr-Bel)
By Joséphine Derobe, Producer: Oriane Hurard
Developed during Biennale College VR, but not financed directly 

Il Dubbio – Episodio 1 (It)
By Matteo Lonardi, Producer: Francesco Lonardi
Developed during Biennale College VR, but not financed directly 

Queerskins: Ark (US)
By Illya Szkilak, Cyril Tsiboulski, Producer: Sarah Vick, Diego Prilusky
Developed during Biennale College VR, but not financed directly