The Latvian government has launched new international co-financing grants worth $660,000 (£500,000).

The Baltic country’s parliament approved the grant on June 25, paving the way for the tender with a July 26 deadline. Up to 25% of eligible film related expenditure can be obtained by the tender winner as cash rebate when filming is completed.  

The new grant, which operates on a national level, is a new addition to financing possibilities in Latvia, which include the Riga Film Fund created by the nation’s capital and which has been successful in attracting productions from Europe, Russia, Japan, India and Korea such as The Berlin File [pictured].  

Latvian producers can apply for both the national grant and the Riga Film Fund, if their project falls within the criteria of both tenders.

“Latvia will be the first Baltic state to have co-financing programme on a national level and I am sure it will attract major foreign film projects as the Riga Film Fund already has been doing,” says Ilze Gailite Holmberg, director of the National Film Centre of Latvia.

“Establishing the co-financing programme is a strong stimulus for foreign producers to come to Latvia, see our wonderful nature and architecture, work together with our film makers in creative and professional environment and to return for future projects.”