A memorial service in honour of literary agent Lew Weitzman, who died on Jun 30 aged 76, has been set for Jul 24 in Los Angeles.

Weitzman specialised in International Relations at UCLA and following military service joined MCA, then the world’s largest talent agency.

In 1966 he moved to William Morris Agency for seven years, specialising in writers and producers, before going on to found Lew Weitzman and Associates, which he supervised for the next ten years.

In 1983 Weitzman sold the agency to the Sy Fisher Company and became head of the agency unit. He remained there until 1988, when the Writers Guild strike forced him to establish Preferred Artists Agency, which endures to this day.

His career clients included Dallas producer Leonard Katzman, Smokey And The Bandit and The Green Berets writer James Lee Barrett, as well as Jim Byrnes, John McGreevey, John Baskin and Roger Shullman, Jay Moriarity and Mike Milligan, Ann Beckett, Paul Cooper, and Dick Christie.

Weitzman loved music and for the last 20 years he was an active member of the Valleyaires, a men’s chorus in the Valley, as well as a tenor in several barbershop quartets. The former agent and his wife of 48 years Dale enjoyed travel and he built a getaway retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Weitzman is survived by his wife, sons Matt and Paul, both of whom are also active in the entertainment industry, and five grandsons.

The memorial service will take place at the DGA on Sunset Boulevard from 2-4pm. Anyone wishing to make a donation is asked to do so at brain cancer charity The Art Of The Brain.