Fassbinder: Romantic Anarchist (Part 1) is being dubbed the most extensive presentation of Fassbinder’s films in New York since 1997 and runs from May 16-June 1.

The two-part series at the Film Society Of Lincoln Center will include all Fassbinder’s theatrical features and much of his television work as well as films he starred in, films that influenced him and films influenced by his work.

Part 1 will cover almost all of Fassbinder’s work leading up to 1974. Part 2 screens in November and will cover 1974-1982.

“Fassbinder worked practically at the speed of thought and left behind a body of work so improbably large, so packed with ideas and emotion and meaning, that we often still seem to be catching up with him,” said Film Society director of programming Dennis Lim.

“In some ways, the time is always ripe for a Fassbinder retrospective. More than three decades after his death, he still looms large, a widespread influence and a singular force. His films are undimmed and untamed by the passage of time — more than that, many of them seem more vital than ever these days.”

Fassbinder completed nearly 40 features between 1969 and 1982, when he died aged 37. Screenings include Ali: Fear Eats The Soul, The American Soldier, Love Is Colder Than Death and Whity.