Origin story based on the 1980s comic strip due for release in 2015.

Elstree Studio Productions has confirmed to ScreenDaily that a “live action” version of animated superhero Bananaman is in the works.

News of the production was first reported by Den of Geek, which came across website BananamanMovie.com, teasing the slogan #PeelThePower.

The site features logos for Elstree Studio Production and DC Thomson, the publisher behind the 1980s comic Nutty, in which the comedy superhero first appeared before transferring to The Dandy.

The Elstree spokesman confirmed there is a completed script and that a film would be due for release in 2015.

He also stated it would be a “type of origin story”. Bananaman, about a boy who turns into the superhero after eating a banana, was a parody of Superman and Batman.

The BBC commissioned  an animated version of the comic book character in 1983, which aired in the US on Nickelodeon, and ran for 40 episodes until 1986.

Further details of the feature are expected in the coming weeks.