New German films by Meerapfel, Schmidt, Klandt shown at 12th German Films Previews in Hamburg, promo-reels from Reitz and Buck.

New German films by Jeanine Meerapfel, Alex Schmidt and Christian Klandt are among 11 market premieres being shown at this year’s German Films Previews in Hamburg from July 8-11.

The Match Factory has lined up screenings of veteran filmmaker Meerapfel’s drama The German Friend [pictured], starring Celeste Cid and Max Riemelt, and Sylvie Michel’s ironic psychological drama Little Differences which made its festival bow at this week’s Filmfest in Munich, as well as Swedish actor-writer-director Peter Dalle’s An Enemy To Die For, which premiered this week in Karlovy Vary, and Peter Strickland’s second feature Berberian Sound Studio which had its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Meanwhile, Beta Cinema will be showing Alex Schmidt’s feature debut, the mystery thriller Forgotten for the first time as well as Student Academy Award-winner Toke Constantin Hebbeln’s feature Shores Of Hope, starring Alexander Fehling, August Diehl and Ronald Zehrfeld, which also premiered at Filmfest München this week, and Global Screen has lined up a market premiere of Marc Wiese’s documentary Camp 14 – Total Control Zone about life in a North Korean Gulag-style camp, and promo reels of the 3D family film Niko 2Ludwig II and Mr Morgan’s Last Love.

In addition, ARRI will be presenting Christian Klandt’s Little Thirteen, a shocking portrait of the so-called  ‘Porn Generation’ which also premiered this week in Munich, Wolfgang Groos’ family film Vampire Sisters, and a four-minute promo reel of Edgar Reitz’s Die andere Heimat which is currently shooting on location in Rheinland-Pfalz.

The promo reels will also include a two-minute trailer for Detlev Buck’s 3D drama Measuring The World which will be released theatrically in Germany by Warner Bros. and has been picked up for international sales by The Match Factory.

According to project coordinator Martin Scheuring of Munich-based German Films, 80 buyers from 31 countries will be travelling to Hamburg to view the completed films, promo-reels and dip into the DVD library at the CinemaxX multiplex.

Those attending this year include Taiwan’s Grace Cheng (Swallow Wings Films), Norway’s Frank L. Stavik (Fidalgo), US distributors Marcus Hu (Strand Releasing) and Jeff Lipsky (Adopt Films), the UK’s Tom Abel (Peccadillo Pictures), Sweden’s Robert Enmark (AB Svensk Filmindustri)

and Australia’s Mark Holdom (Umbrella Entertainment).

Meanwhile, many of the buyers in Hamburg will be saddened to hear of the passing of Lilli Tyc-Holm, the grande-dame of German world sales, at the age of 91 on 30 June.

Frau Tyc-Holm ran her Munich-based sales company Cine-International from 1969 to 2007 and had a 400 title-strong catalogue with such films as Werner Herzog’s Scream Of Stone, George Sluizer’s original The Vanishing, Joseph Vilsmaier’s Autumn Milk, Helma Sanders-Brahm’s Heinrich and Liv Ullmann’s Kristin Lavransdatter.

She was awarded a German Federal Cross of Merit in 2002 for her services to German cinema. (ends)