Source: Netflix


Netflix is scouting for a dedicated corporate office in Canada and will hire its first local content executive to operate from the site.

While there were no specific details on where the office will be situated at time of writing, Screen understands the lead contenders are Toronto and Vancouver.

The streaming giant opened a production hub in Toronto in 2019 and co-CEO Ted Sarandos said in a message on the company’s media centre on Thursday (February 11) that it was time for the company to expand its presence.

“Ten years ago Canadians invited Netflix into their homes for the first time,” said Sarandos. “And whether it’s been bringing new life to the story of a famous red-head from PEI [Prince Edward Island] (Anne With An E), following a rag-tag group of survivalists into the forests of Quebec (Jusqu’au Déclin), or having a little fun with fire (Blown Away), Canada has provided our members there and all over the world with plenty of stories to love.”

He continued, “We could only have dreamed in 2012 when our first original production began filming in Ontario (Hemlock Grove) what an important part of our business Canada would become.

“Since 2017 alone we have spent more than $2.5B CAD on productions in the country. But more than that, we have built relationships with so many talented directors, screenwriters, actors, producers, animators and more. It’s still a thrill every time I hear a story about how a series or film we’ve developed has supported (or kicked off!) the career of local talent – like Mississauga’s very own Maitreyi Ramikrishnan in Never Have I Ever.”

Sarandos added that Netflix would announce more local projects and relationships “in the weeks ahead”.