EXCLUSIVE: The Paris-based company has come on as co-producer and international sales agent on the Chilean director’s low-budget survival thriller.

The move strengthens WTFilms’ affiliation with cutting-edge low-budget genre after it served as co-producer on Valladares’ English-language remake of his horror film Hidden In The Woods, as well as the upcoming Terry Miles film Even Lambs Have Teeth.

WTFilms co-founder Gregory Chambet his team are developing Downhill with Valladares and Barry Keating. George Von Knorring of Chile’s Too Much Films produces and the film-makers have earmarked the Chilean locations of Termas de Chillan, Santiago and Chillan City.

Downhill follows a paralegal trapped on a mountain with a killer on a mission to murder a sick man. Valladares (pictured) describes it as “Cliffhanger meets Paranormal Activity by way of David Cronenberg’s old movies.”

“Patricio belongs to that new breed of directors who is capable of making wonders with a small budget because he is a one-man army and understands how to use the new technologies perfectly and knows exactly what the audience wants because he is that audience,” Chambet told Screendaily.

Downhill’s got the full package: a high concept, an exotic locale and a cool milieu. Too many low-budget movies today use the excuse of their limitations to be lazy and bring nothing exciting to the screen.

“Patricio uses his budget limit as an exciting way to be creative and isn’t afraid to shoot for the moon. This movie will take place in breathtaking locations in Chile, with hectic pacing and super-cool money shots both of sports action and scary moments.”