Director Quentin Tarantino is to receive a lifetime achievement award ahead of the European premiere of Django Unchained.

The director, screenwriter and producer will be presented with the award by Italian film composer Ennio Morricone on Friday (Jan 4).

The award comes under the umbrella of the Rome Film Festival, even though the seventh edition of the event wrapped on Nov 17.

“Quentin Tarantino’s vision has radically influenced our collective imagery over the past 20 years,” said Marco Müller, artistic director of the Rome Film Festival.

“Tarantino is a profoundly American yet very European filmmaker, because the relationship he has established with cinema and its history is as analytical as it is passionate.

“He has cultivated a coherent project of mise-en-scene, an authorial project that has grown richer thanks, to his experimentation with language and also to constant cinematic cross-references.

“As a result his films are both alive and vivacious to the extreme, they blast away the codes and conventions of film genres but each of them does express the spirit of his time”.