Jonathan Sothcott’s Richwater Films has announced that it has signed a first look deal with independent Kent-based publisher Caffeine Nights.

The deal will see Caffeine Nights publish paperback tie-in editions of Richwater movies and will give Richwater first look at film rights for material published by Caffeine Nights.

The deal was negotiated by Darren Laws for Caffeine Nights and Jonathan Sothcott for Richwater.

The first title announced as part of the deal is a paperback novelisation of Richwater’s forthcoming vigilante film Vendetta, adapted by crime writer Nick Oldham from the screenplay by Stephen Reynolds. It will be published in October.

Already announced is a movie edition of Dougie Brimson’s cult novel Top Dog which will be published to tie-in with the film version’s release by Universal in 2014.

Richwater CEO Jonathan Sothcott said: “Opportunities of this nature allow me to grow Richwater into a business that is more than just a film production company and the material that Darren has acquired is a natural fit for our remit - high concept thrillers with an edge.