New strand will focus on features set for release across the Netherlands after IFFR; titles in Bright Future, Spectrum sections to be reduced by 20%.

The 44th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) (Jan 21-Feb 1) is to introduce a new programme section titled Limelight.

This selection of 30 films will be made up of “new, original and striking films”, which are set to be released in cinemas across the Netherlands following the festival. The move is intended to cultivate closer relationships with Dutch distributors and filmmakers.

The directors of the selected films will attend IFFR and present their films to the audience in the same fashion as with all major sections of the Festival.


Within IFFR’s Bright Future and Spectrum sections, a distinction will be introduced between the premieres (films receiving their world or international premieres in Rotterdam) and a selection of highlights from other film festivals.

The total number of films presented in these main sections will be reduced by 20% from previous years “to ensure that all selected films receive the utmost attention”.

It is hoped the move will allow industry professionals as well as the public to see as many of the films as possible that they prioritise within the programme.

During the coming months, IFFR will announce its Signals programmes, containing themed programmes, special focusses, retrospectives and cooperations with other organisations.

On making the announcement IFFR Director Rutger Wolfson said: “We at the IFFR are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to develop the Festival.

“This new section together with our revamped structure is part of our constant effort to improve how we present the films in our programme to sales agents, producers, distributors, filmmakers and audiences in the best possible way. We know all attending the festival will benefit hugely from this.”

44th IFFR Sections

Hivos Tiger Awards Competition: 15 films by new film authors compete for the festival’s three main awards.

Bright Future Premieres: Approximately 25 world or international premieres. First or second feature films by individual new talent.

Bright Future: Striking films by new talent from the past year. First or second feature films.

Spectrum Premieres: Established names from the art of filmmaking present their premieres in Rotterdam.

Spectrum: Essential films by renowned filmmakers.

Limelight: Exceptional premieres of films expected in Dutch art-house cinemas later in the year.