'Seed Of The Son'

Source: SSIFF

‘Seed Of The Son’

Films from Álvaro Longoria, Itsaso Arana and Gerardo Herrero are among the 19 features selected for the Made In Spain strand of San Sebastian International Film Festival (SSIFF, September 22-30), the non-competitive showcase of Spanish talent.

Longoria will close the strand with the world premiere of La Vida De Brianeitor about a teenager with a physical disability who becomes an elite gamer.

Also world premiering is Mercedes Moncada Rodríguez’s documentary Perplexed Ants exploring workers trying to prevent the collapse of their industry.

The other world premieres include Juanma Betancort’s documentary Seed Of Son about the former Radio Futura frontman and Juan Francisco Viruega’s feature debut Amanece which follows two sisters looking after their ill mother.

Actor Itsaso Arana will screen her directorial debut The Girls Are Alright, after premiering at Karlovy Vary while Gerardo Herrero’s Malaga jury winner Under Therapy and Elena Martín Gimeno’s Cannes award-winner Creatura are also among the selection. 

Made In Spain 2023

La Vida De Brianeitor (Sp) - closing night film
Dir. Álvaro Longoria

Amanece (Sp)
Dir. Juan Francisco Viruega

Asedio (Sp)
Dir. Miguel Ángel Vivas

Under Therapy (Sp)
Dir. Gerardo Herrero

Creatura (Sp)
Dir. Elena Martín Gimeno

The Fantastic Golem Affairs (Sp-Est)
Dirs. Juan González, Fernando Martínez

Els Encantants (Sp)
Dir.  Elena Trapé

Hay Una Puerta Ahi (Sp-Uruguay)
Dirs. Juan and Facundo Ponce de Leon

Perplexed Ants (Sp)
Dir.  Mercedes Moncada Rodríguez

The Memory of Cinema: A Film about Fernando Méndez-Leite (Sp)
Dir. Moisés Salama

La Singla (Sp-Ger)
Dir. Paloma Zapata

The Girls Are Alright (Sp)
Dir. Itsaso Arana

Matria (Sp)
Dir. Álvaro Gago

While You’re Still You (Sp) 
Dir. Claudia Pinto Emperador

Notes On A Summer (Sp)
Dir. Diego Llorente

Seed Of The Son (Sp)
Dir. Juanma Betancort 

Sica (Sp)
Dir.  Carla Subirana 

Unzué. El Ultimo Equipo De Juancar (Sp)
Dirs. Jesús Muñoz, Xavi Torres, Santi Padro

Upon Entry (Sp)
Dirs. Alejandro Rojas, Juan Sebastián Vásquez