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Sarajevo Film Festival has selected 20 features in the competition programme for its 27th edition, which will run in-person from August 13-20.

Nine films have been chosen for the Feature Film section of the programme for fiction titles, including two world premieres – Dušan Kasalica’s Montenegrin-Serbian title The Elegy Of Laurel, and Cristina Grosan’s Hungarian film Things Worth Weeping For.

Other films in the Feature Film section include Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović’s Murina, which won the Camera d’Or for best debut film at Cannes Film Festival last week; and Norika Sefa’s Looking For Venera, winner of a special jury award in International Film Festival Rotterdam’s Tiger competition in January, which Film Republic boarded for international rights this month 

The documentary strand of the competition programme is comprised of 16 titles, of which 11 are features and eight are world premieres. These include Disturbed Earth, directed by Kumjana Novakova and Guillermo Carreras-Candi, about the Srebrenica massacre in the Bosnian war; and Máté Kōrōsi’s Hungarian title Divas, about three 20-year-old women obsessed with make-up, clothes and social media.

The documentary section also includes the world premiere of When We Were Them, a short directed by Danis Tanović, who won best foreign film at the 2002 Oscars for No Man’s Land, and Damir Šagolj.

The competition programme also includes sections for short film and student film.

The festival will award a total of €43,000 (£36,845) in prize money to the competition films, led by €16,000 (£13,706) for the best title in the Feature Film section.

The selection team was led by the festival’s creative director Izeta Građević, and received 683 submissions in total.

Serbian actress Jasna Djuricic will chair the jury of the competition programme, joined by filmmakers Mike Cahill and Lili Horvát, artistic director of Vienna International Film Festival Eva Sangiorgi, and executive director of the Austrian Film Commission Martin Schweighofer.

Sarajevo 2021 competition programme – features

Feature Film

The Elegy Of Laurel (Mont-Ser) dir. Dušan Kasalica – world premiere

Things Worth Weeping For (Hun) dir. Cristina Grosan – world premiere

Bebia, À Mon Seul Désir (Geo-UK) dir. Juja Dobrachkous

Celts (Ser) dir. Milica Tomović

Great Freedom (Austria-Ger) dir. Sebastian Meise

Looking For Venera (Kos) dir. Norika Sefa

Moon, 66 Questions (Gr-Fr) dir. Jaqueline Lentzou

Murina (Cro-Braz-US-Slovenia) dir. Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović

The Hill Where Lionesses Roar (Kos-Fr) dir. Luàna Bajrami

Documentary Film

Disturbed Earth (Bos-Sp-N Mac) dirs. Kumjana Novakova, Guillermo Carreras-Candi – world premiere

Divas (Hun) dir. Máté Kőrösi – world premiere

ŽŽŽ (Journal About Želimir Žilnik) (Ser) dir. Janko Baljak – world premiere

Sunny (Geo) dir. Keti Machavariani

Factory To The Workers (Cro) dir. Srđan Kovačević

Les Enfants Terribles (Tur-Fr-Ger) dir. Ahmet Necdet Çupur

Looking For Horses (Bos-Neth-Fr) dir. Stefan Pavlović

Recipe For Hate (Ser) dir. Filip Čolović

Reconciliation (Slovenia-Ser-Mont-Kos) dir. Marija Zidar

Soldat Ahmet (Austria) dir. Jannis Lenz

Landscapes Of Resistance (Ser-Fr-Ger) dir. Marta Popivoda