Multiyear deal was done with Intelsat SA.

SmartJog has announced plans to double its satellite capacity over Europe.

The multi-year deal is done with Intelsat SA, to distribute digital cinema services on Intelsat 905.

SmartJog is a digital cinema distribution services company, delivering an average of 40,000 DCPs each month to more than 800 cinemas in 13 countries across Europe.

“With a second full time satellite transponder, we will have an aggregated throughput of 140 Mbps available for delivery to cinemas once the upgrade is completed with dual tuner DVB-S2 cards,” said Jean-Sebastien Petit, CEO of SmartJog. “This will enable speedy delivery of four to six large feature film DCPs per day, at an average of 60 gigabits per hour.”

The companies are developing solutions that are scalable to other markets including the Americas and Asia.