EXCLUSIVE: Sola Media, the German sales agent specializing on family entertainment, has snapped up world rights on Swedish box-office hit, The Anderssons In Greece - All Inclusive [pictured].

The comedy, which has posted more than 600,000 admissions since its release late last year, pokes fun at the world of “all inclusive tourism.”

It is the first part of a trilogy adapting the best-selling novels by Sören Olson and Anders Jakobsen. In each film, we share the holiday adventures of 12-year old Sune, a self-confessed girl charmer, his little rascal brother and teenage sister. A parallel story focusses on the ups and downs of their parents’ marriage – mom struggling with dad’s extreme thriftiness – always in a light tone and with a happy ending. 

Director Hannes Holm, whose previous credits include Behind Blue Skies, Wonderful and Loved by All and Every Other Week, made the film through Eyeworks Sweden. The cast is headed by Morgan Alling, Anja Lundkvist, William Ringström

The producers were Nordisk Film, Sveriges Television, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Tanweer Alliances Ldt. Nordisk handled the Scandinavian distribution.

The Anderssons In Greece is ready for delivery in the original Swedish with English subtitles. 

The second part of the trilogy, The Anderssons Hit The Road, will start shooting in Germany and Alto Adige in the summer with Swedish release set for December 2013. The third part, The Anderssons In The Mountains, is due for delivery in late 2014.