Sony enjoyed a mighty weekend as Terminator Salvation took $67.5m and Angels & Demons became the first release of 2009 to cross $400m worldwide.

Active on 8,325 screens outside North America, Terminator Salvation finished the weekend as the number one film in 66 of its 70 territories, led by $11.6m from 900 screens in the UK and $8m from 786 in Russia for the 10th biggest launch of a Hollywood film.

The international running total stands at an estimated $97.2m, although the action sci-fi has actually reached $101.6m factoring in $4.4m in previews in Japan, which Sony Pictures Releasing International will report next weekend after the film officially launches in the territory.

Terminator Salvation is currently running 21% ahead of Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, which by this point had taken $80.3m from the same territories.

  • Other notable debuts this weekend included $6.3m from 752 in France, $6m from 981 in Germany, $5.2m from 386 in Australia, and $4.9m from 563 in Spain. Italy generated $2.2m from 519, Brazil $2.1m from 471, Sweden $1.1m from 110, and Holland $995,000 from 109. The film dropped 41% in the second weekend in Malaysia on $840,000 from 119 for $2.8m.

Meanwhile Angels & Demons added $22.3 in its fourth weekend from 9,190 screens in 100 territories for $293m internationally and $409m worldwide and held exceptionally well in Northern Europe.

  • Box office in Germany fell 25% to $3.8m from 1,042 for $36.2m, 12% in Spain on $1.9m from 615 for $18.4m, and gained 15% in the UK, where the cooler weather will have played a significant role, grossing $1.8m from 615 for $24.8m.

Night At The Museum 2 is on the cusp of $150m after adding $26.7m through Fox International from 8,300 screens in 66 markets for $148.4m.

  • The family sequel debuted at number one in South Korea on $4.8m from 542 screens and stayed top in its second weekend in China on $2.1m from 818 for $12.2m. Box office climbed 7% in the third weekend in the UK as $3.5m from 508 secured second place and raised the tally to $23.2m. In other third weekend results, Night At The Museum 2added $2.5m from 803 in Germany for $11.9m, $1.7m from 371 in Australia for $9m, $1.5m from 654 in France for $9.8m, $1.4m from 420 in Spain for $6.6m, and $1.4m from 511 in Italy for $7.8m.
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine brought in a further $3.2m from 5,096 in 48 markets for $176.1m. Mexico deserves special mention as $1.6m from 1,106 raised the tally after two weekends to a whisker over $7m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International reported that Up took $7.8m from 1,200 sites in four territories for an early $13.5m running total

  • Weekend business was led by a number one $3.8m launch in Mexico on 547 screens that beat the combined results of the films ranked second to fourth. Studio executives said 41% of the box office came from 3D screens, which currently account for only 20% of the nation’s screen count, adding that this was the second biggest Pixar launch behind Wall-E. In the second weekend Up fell 35% in Russia on $2.6m for $8.4m and is expected to overhaul Ratatouille by Monday and Wall-E by Wednesday to become the biggest Pixar release. Up opened top in Venezuela on $835,000 for Disney’s biggest animated launch, and debuted at number in Colombia on $455,000 for the second biggest animated Disney debut.
  • Hannah Montana The Movie grossed $5.6m from 2,100 screens in 18 sites for $43.5m. The tween release opened in second place in Germany on $3.9m and added $346,000 from 325 in its second month in Spain for $8.2m. Austria stands at $1.1m.

In its fifth weekend of international release Paramount’s Star Trek added $6m from 4,370 sites in 62 territories through PPI to bring the international running total to $112m.

  • The sci-fi reboot launched in Mexico on $1.1m from 448 venues and benefited from that cool UK to gain 2% as $1.4m from 427 raised the tally there to more than $30m after five weeks.
  • The comedy I Lve You, Man grossed $1.8m from 445 locations in 29 territories for $12.5m and launched in Australia on $1.5m from 190 sites.
  • DreamWorks Animations’ Monsters Vs Aliens added $1.6m from 1,247 venues in 63 territories for $169.4m.

Universal/UPI’s State Of Play added $2.5m from 1,170 sites in 28 territories for a $28.1m international running total.

  • The thriller and BBC miniseries adaptation opened in sixth place in Mexico on $685,000 from 300 and added $930,000 from 214 in Australia for $3.2m after two weekends, ranking fourth heading into Monday’s national holiday. There are 25 territories to open including Argentina and Brazil next weekend.
  • Coraline grossed a further $2.1m from 1,105 venues in 24 territories for $26.4m, buoyed by an excellent $1.2m debut in Spain in fifth place from 296 sites. Once again that inclement UK weather helped, and Coraline bounced back 32% as $600,000 from 391 boosted the tally to $10.3m after five weekends. There are 19 territories to open over the next few months including France this week.
  • Elsewhere, the crime caper Duplicity stands at $35.9m and launched in fifth place in Brazil on $215,000 from 49, while Fast & Furious has reached a superb $193.9m; and

Mandate International’s Sam Raimi horror release Drag Me To Hell was forecast to have grossed $3.5m from new debuts in Thailand and the Philippines, which would bring the total to $10m.

Latest figures from New Line International put Coco Avant Chanel on $918,837, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past on $12.9m, 17 Again on $59.9m which is almost level with the North American cumulative tally, and He’s Just Not That Into You on $72.1m.