Alex de la Iglesia

Source: Wiki Commons

Alex de la Iglesia

Sony Pictures International Productions is getting into business with Basque Country genre filmmaker Álex de la Iglesia to create horror and thriller anthology The Fear Collection.

The studio will work with de la Iglesia (Witching And Bitching, Dance With The Devil, The Bar) and Carolina Bang’s production company Pokeepsie Films on the projects, which Sony Pictures Entertainment Iberia will distribute theatrically in Spain, followed by a debut on Amazon Prime. It is understood Sony will retain distribution rights outside Spain.

De la Iglesia will produce and/or direct each project and said the goal is to produce two films a year.

“It’s an ambitious project that I’ve been hauling around for years,” De la Iglesia said. “The concept is to make a collection of films that unveil a universe of horror beyond time. The characters face supernatural forces that threaten humanity. The idea is to generate a label of films with a specific character, Cosmic Horror.”

Development has begun on a number of The Fear Collection projects with writers such as De la Iglesia collaborator Jorge Guerricaechevarría, Jaume Balagueró, Paula Ortiz, Fernando Navarro, and Carlos Theron.

Pokeepsie Films’ roster includes Musarañas Los Héroes del Mal, En las Estrellas, and the HBO series Treinta Monedas. Coming up is La Casa de Tiza and La Piedad.