Source: Giornate Degli Autori

Gaia Furrer

Venice’s Giornate degli Autori, under the stewardship of Gaia Furrer, has announced its official selection for its 18th anniversary edition.

To mark the anniversary, the Venice sidebar will move from its traditional location at the Villa degli Autori to new headquarters in Casa degli Autori.

The selection includes Egyptian journalist Dina Amer’s debut You Resemble Me (Tu Me Ressembles), on which Spike Lee and Spike Jonze serve as executive producers.

Giornate degli Autori will take place during the Venice Film Festival from September 1-11, with a pre-opening event on August 31.


  • Shen Kong (Mac), dir. Chen Guan. Opening film
  • Al Garib (The Stranger) (Syr-Ger-Pal), dir. Ameer Fakher Eldin
  • Anatomia (Anatomy) (Pol-Fr), dir. Ola Jankowska
  • Californie (It), dir. Alessandro Cassigoli, Casey Kauffman
  • Deserto Particular (Bra-Port), dir. Aly Muritiba
  • Imaculat (Immaculate) (Rom), dirs. Monica Stan, George Chiper–Lillemark
  • Madeleine Collins (Fr-Bel-Switz), dir. Antoine Barraud
  • Piedra Noche (Dusk Stone) (Arg-Chi-Sp), dir. Iván Fund
  • Tres (Out Of Sync) (Sp-Lat), dir. Juanjo Giménez
  • Tu Me Ressembles (You Resemble Me) (Egy-Fr-USA), dir. Dina Amer.


  • Lovely Boy (It), dir. Francesco Lettieri. Closing film.