Danny Trejo in 'Wages Of Sin'

Source: Courtesy of Storyboard Media

Danny Trejo in ‘Wages Of Sin’

Elisabeth Costa de Beauregard Segel’s Storyboard Media has begun talks with buyers here on the action thriller Wages Of Sin with Danny Trejo.

Paul Sloan from Green Book stars in the film alongside Trejo, whose credits include Machete and From Dusk Till Dawn, and Jeremy Luke from The Irishman.

The Los Angeles-set story centres on a man who gets framed for a crime and is targeted by a criminal fentanyl enterprise.

Victor Rios makes his directorial debut for 333 Pictures and Boatyard Productions and Stephen Cyrus Sepher wrote the screenplay.

Sepher and Nazo Bravo serve as producers while Costa de Beauregard Segel and Philip Kim are the executive producers.