A group of producers and entertainment executives is heading to New York for a series of talks and one-on-one networking sessions over October 6-8.

Film i Väst, the Swedish regional film fund, sponsors the trip, which is organised by London and LA-based consultants MediaXchange.

Mediaxchange CEO Katrina Wood (pictured), said the aim of the delegation – which she described as “very much the cream of the crop in Sweden” – was to foster close ties and build towards a reciprocal trip in February 2015 during the Gothenburg Film Festival.

“The goal is to build a bridge between the industry there and the Swedes in a more substantial way then has been done in the past, which was very much on a project-by-project basis,” said Wood.

“Delegates will be there for three days during the New York Film Festival to understand the issues of working in the US market and to meet some of the experts there. The majority will be producers who we hope will find projects to work on together.”

The delegates are: Fredrik Wikstrom Nicastro, producer/head of film at Tre Vanner/ Svensk Filmindustri; Fredrik Zander, head of the entertainment department at Chimney; Peter Hiltunen, producer and founder of Dragon Films; Sean Wheelan, producer and founder of Filmgate Films; and Patrik Andersson head of development and producer at B-Reel Feature Films, Stockholm office.

The list includes Mimmi Spång and Rebecka Lafrenz, producers and co-owners at Garagefilms International; Lena Rehnberg, producer and founder of StellaNova Films; Madeleine Ekman, CEO of Zentropa Sweden; Erik Hemmendorff, producer and co-founder of Plattform Produktion; Anna Anthony, producer and founder of Anthony Films; and Tomas Michaelsson, producer at Filmlance Sweden.